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The British Motor Museum is a great way for Primary school children to learn about how cars and other forms of transport have developed, and also discover more about the people and products of the motor industry in the West Midlands.


The British Motor Museum is a great way for Primary school children to learn about how cars and other forms of transport have developed, and also discover more about the people and products of the motor industry in the West Midlands. 

Choose from our interactive Museum walks and our hands on workshops to build your visit.

Cost: £7 per pupil (maximum 30 per workshop)
Each workshop is between 60 - 120 minutes. 

Interactive Museum Walks

Interactive Museum Walks combine a Museum tour with collection-centred facilitated activities and are led by members of the Education Team.

Journeys Through Time - KS1

Interactive Museum Walk

Experience what it was like to own one of the first cars and to drive on Victorian roads, through exciting costumed role-play and a tour along the Museum’s ‘Time Road’. Explore our collection of over 150 historic vehicles including a 1920s London bus complete with conductor! Children will learn how the development of the motor car has changed the way we live our lives over the last century.

Motoring Mavericks - KS1 & KS2

Interactive Museum walk with our costumed Museum Explainers

Meet some of the people who built and drove the first cars as you explore our collection of cars! Pupils will be guided around the Museum by our learning team and meet characters such as Herbert Austin and Bertha Benz who will help them explore their cars and learn about the difficulties that people faced with early motoring.

History of Transport -  KS2

Interactive Museum Walk

Discover the history of the motor car, particularly in the West Midlands, where cars have been built for over 100 years. Learn about the daily life of factory workers and their families, and how it changed over time, through a guided tour and object handling session with a member of our learning team.

Engineering Apprentices - KS2

Museum Walk and Hands on Workshop

Calling all budding engineers... the Jaguar Heritage Trust racing team needs your skills!

Join us for a day at the British Motor Museum and discover the iconic Jaguar D Type racing car. Explore our collection with the Education Team to see how cars have developed to become the racing cars they are today!

In teams, pupils will test their engineering skills with one of our exclusive scale model, Jaguar D Type remote control racing cars. Our team will take pupils through the process in this workshop that encourages team work, thinking skills and expands Design Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Scientific knowledge and skills. Finish the day by racing your car on the British Motor Museum Race Track!



Hands on Workshops

Themed workshops led by members of our Education Team that encourage pupils to take part in active learning in the Museum. 

Materials & Movement - EYFS & KS1

Hands on Workshop

Discover the materials that are used to make cars and the principles that make a good car design. Pupils will learn about different materials and movement through interactive role play, and then use what they have learnt to build their own cars with LEGO bricks to test on our race track.

Toys through time - EYFS & KS1

Hands on Workshop

Uncover the history of moving toys and how they have developed over the decades, through an exciting tour and handling session and the creation of your own toy truck.

Fashion vs Function - KS1 & KS2

Fashion Vs Function

Hands on Workshop

Become a car designer for the day. Explore how cars are designed for different purposes and design and create a cut out Land Rover using our special worksheets for the person of their choice.

Discovering Forces - KS2

Hands on Workshop

Come and explore energy and motion in this ‘hands on’ science investigation. This session is aimed at helping children understand some of the forces at work in cars; such as pushes and pulls, gravity and friction. Using Lego Technic kits to make model cars, students will conduct a scientific investigation into potential energy, recording data for analysis and discussion.

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