The Nick Baldwin Collection

In 2004, the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, purchased the Nick Baldwin Collection. This is a large body of fascinating material relating to the history of the British motor industry, accumulated over many years by distinguished motoring journalist Nick Baldwin. The Trust then embarked on a 3-year project to conserve, organise and catalogue this extensive and wide-ranging Collection so it could be opened up to public access.

A key element was the creation of the Nick Baldwin Website which went online in June 2007. This meant that people unable to make a visit to the museum could also enjoy some of its treasures. Since the project is now concluded, the website is no longer being developed. But you can still gain an insight into its scope and achievement by viewing an archived copy of the website here.

This link also provides access to the online catalogue for those who wish to see a detailed description of what the archive contains. All the material is available to view by appointment with our Reading Room. You can find out how to book a research visit here.