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We've completed the People's 50!

This week we have installed the final round of objects to complete our People's 50 project funded by Arts Council England. This is a fantastic achievement! We have received and displayed 50 objects and photographs contributed by our community, including volunteers, staff, and visitors from the local area.

Take a look at the last objects being intalled. 

In this installation in particular, we have lots of family photographs featuring adored motor cars. I think this shows how much we value the motoring industry in this country, and how it relates to some of our fondest memories. These are also important stories to pass on, and the exhibition books tell some of these stories in the owners' own words.

Throughout the project, everyone's personal Motoring Treasures have come together to tell a story of the rich tapestry of life in Britain, relating to its motoring industry. Through much-loved personal items, the project has complemented the Museum's 50 British Motoring Treasures exhibition wonderfully over the past months. Visitors have enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the motoring memories of our community, and reflecting on their own. 

The final round of objects will be on display until 7 May, and all 50 objects are photographed and narrated in the exhibition books alongside the display. Come and have a closer look at the collection to learn about the motoring histories of local people.