Heritage Certificates

The BMIHT Archive is pleased to offer the following products.

Please bear in mind that you will be required to supply your vehicle’s chassis number; we cannot research your car with any other number.

If you are unsure about where to find your chassis number, please see our guide.

Heritage Certificate

Own a certified copy of your vehicle’s entry in the original factory ledger, showing your car’s specification as it left the production line. 

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Premier Heritage Certificate

Personalise your certificate with a picture of your own car (provided by you). 

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Technical Specification

Use this product to help with licensing, registration and importation authorities. 

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Heritage Document Wallet

Keep your Heritage Certificate safe in this wallet which also includes a sales brochure facsimile and publicity print of your car model. 

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Aston Martin Folder

A special folder for Aston Martin owners including a sales brochure facsimile, publicity print, build card facsimile and personalised name card. 

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Web Research Request

Do you have a question about your vehicle’s build record? Or perhaps another research question? We will research one piece of information for you and then email the answer. 

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Certificate Costs and Delivery

Click here for Heritage Certificate Prices and Delivery Charges

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We have records for the following:

  • Austin 1945-69

  • Austin Allegro 1977-82

  • Aston Martin 1949-85

  • Austin Healey 1953-71

  • Land Rover 1948 to present day

  • Lagonda 1961-85

  • Maestro & Montego 1983 onwards

  • Metropolitan 1953-61

  • Mini 1959-69 & 1977-81

  • MG 1953-80 & 1993-95

  • Morris 1928-71
  • Range Rover 1970 to present day
  • Riley 1953-69
  • Rover 1945-86
  • Princess/Ambassador ‘Wedge’ 1975-83
  • Standard 1945-63
  • Triumph 1946-81
  • Triumph Acclaim 1981-84
  • Vanden Plas Princess 1959-80
  • Wolseley 1901-31 & 1949-75

Download a more detailed list below.

Heritage Certificate Marques.

Please note we hold additional records for some vehicles, particularly in the British Leyland era. We do not hold records for any marques not included on the list above.

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