This exhibition celebrated the small car that made a big impact on Britain's motoring history.

Small Car. Big history. takes visitors on a journey from the Austin Seven's conception in pre-war Britain, to its reach and influence across the globe. The exhibition uses a combination of the Museum’s rich collections of archive materials, artefacts and seven special vehicles.

Discover how the Austin Seven transformed travel and leisure as the motor for the millions. Leaf through its eye-catching marketing material, showcasing its wide appeal and how it put brand new drivers on the road. Explore its racing heritage with one of only two surviving Austin Seven twin-cam racers on display in the exhibition. 

The Austin Seven that took part in Coleman's Drive on display in the exhibition, surrounded by informative graphics and a TV screen.Find out about the global reach of this little car that changed the world and uncover its ties to countries like Germany as well as other UK manufacturers such as Jaguar and Lotus.

Small car. Big history. explores the legacy of the Austin Seven and how its reputation extended far beyond its 16 years of production. Listen to oral history contributions from owners past and present, proving the Austin Seven is still very much alive today. In fact, during the course of the exhibition, we hope to collect and share even more stories, pictures and memorabilia to show just how important the car continues to be. There will be an opportunity to record your stories in the exhibition's telephone box and you can also email us at

The exhibition runs from 22 July 2022 until 8 May 2023 and has been made possible by the generous funding of Arts Council England.