Create your day at the Museum

Book a self-led visit and choose from our range of add on activities, including classic car rides and downloadable trails, to create a learning experience which is tailored just for your needs.

All self-led visits must be booked through the Education Team. Prices start at £5 per child and include free parking, a welcome on arrival and use of our lunch space. Some add on activities are free but most start from £0.50 per child. 

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Choose from our range of add on activities:

Ride in a Riley

Take a trip around our site in our Riley and experience what it was like to travel in style in the 1950s.

£0.50 per child

Cut out Cars

In this self-led session pupils will design and make their own car, choose from a Mini, Land Rover or a Jaguar. All materials are provided for this session.

£0.50 per child

Object Handling Session

Become a curator for the day! Learn how to handle Museum objects while exploring our exciting motoring collection. 

£0.50 per child

British Motor Museum Quiz - KS1 & KS2


Produced to help students discover more about the development of the motor car since 1886. This self-led quiz guides students around the entire Museum collection. Students will become history detectives for the day while exploring our extensive collection to discover more about the British motor industry from 1886 to the present day. 

Free download available or you may request a colour copy with clipboard and pencil to be provided at £0.50 per child


British Motor Museum Maths Challenge KS1 & KS2


A test of maths skills linked to the new national curriculum. The Maths Challenge will test their maths skills using the British Motor Museum’s collection as inspiration!

Free download available or you may request a colour copy with clipboard and pencil to be provided at £0.50 per child



Interactive Time Road Tour

Meet our Edwardian Lady and her chauffeur and learn about the early development of motor vehicles on our award winning time road.


Discovery Backpacks

Borrow one of our Discovery Backpacks to help your group explore our collection through a range of fun challenges and activities linked to the National Curriculum. These include; colour, shape & patterns, materials, tell a story and history detectives.


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