This new feature exhibition, launching on Friday, July 19, will explore the transformative nature of car design. From Sketch to Street will be a fascinating journey across five key themes from the motor industry's design world: interior design, exterior design, functional design, materials, and trim. 

The exhibition will offer a unique opportunity to witness the intriguing evolution of car design, what the process includes, and the results it provides using cars and objects from the collection and on loan to the Museum. Star display pieces include designers' initial sketches, items on loan from luxury car brands and even a highly anticipated modern clay model!

There will also be a range of hands-on interactives, inviting you to bring your own ideas to design problems or think about what would matter to you when designing a car. This all comes together to form a memorable opportunity to discover the artistic and engineering visions that bring together beauty and function.

The exhibition opened on 19 July 2024 and will run until April 2025.