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Archive news

archive news

An archive is something of a mystery to many people. What's it for? What do Archivists do all day?

So the Archive team will try to take away some of the mystery by sharing our news every month. We'll hopefully give you some insight into the many tasks needed to look after the unique collection of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust which we have in our care.

Archive Blog - June 2021
03 July 2021

While the pandemic has stopped a lot of work in the heritage sector, many ...

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Archive Blog - April 2021
04 May 2021

One collection which hasn’t had much coverage of late in our monthly archive ...

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Archive Blog - February 2021
05 March 2021

“Are you leaving school? To decide what to do when leaving school is difficult ...

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Factor us in: Longbridge Factory
10 December 2020

We have decided that it's unlikely that we can get out into the community over ...

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Factor us in: Standard Triumph factory at Canley
18 November 2020

We have decided that it's unlikely that we can get out into the community over ...

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Archive News - September 2020
06 October 2020

It has been another busy month in the Archive department with donations at a ...

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Archive News - July 2020
10 August 2020

Work has been continuing in the Archive throughout lock-down and we have had ...

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Archive News - May 2020
01 June 2020

You wouldn't think there would be much to report on in this month's Archive ...

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Factor us in update: the post-war years
06 May 2020

We are embarking on a project here at the British Motor Museum called 'Factor ...

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Archive News - March 2020
02 April 2020

This month’s Archive News is about the progress of a large donation we received ...

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