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This month our online activities celebrate the little Austin Seven’s centenary!

The 'Seven', probably Austin’s most famous model, was designed
during 1921 and 1922 in response to the Company's serious financial problems. Although Sir Herbert’s fellow directors did not share his belief that there would be a market for such a small car, he intended to provide an alternative to the primitive motorcycle combinations which were, at the time, the most affordable form of family transport. Austin's real inspiration was to design the Seven as a large car in miniature, able to carry two adults and two children.

The Seven was also the inspiration for several foreign manufacturers, such as BMW's first car. Apart from Ford's Model T, the Austin Seven was Britain's cheapest 'real' car until the Triumph Seven in 1927 and Morris Minor in 1928 were introduced in competition.

During 17 years of production almost 300,000 Austin Sevens were made.

Austin Seven Memory Game

To celebrate the Austin Seven's centenary, our online activities are all about the 'Baby Austin'. Have a go at our Austin Seven Memory game, which uses an original Austin Seven advert from our Archive, or share your memories of the little Austin with us using the tabs below.

Have you owned an Austin Seven?

If you own or have ever owned an Austin Seven, tell us all about it on the SHARE tab! Make sure you send us a picture of your pride and joy. Alternatively, post it to our Facebook page - don’t forget to use the hashtag #ExploringBMM.


Austin Seven Memory Game


The British Motor Museum's Archive holds adverts from many of the major British car manufacturers across the decades. One of the most beautiful is the 'Seven Ages of Man' advert which was used to advertise the versatility and all round appeal of the Austin Seven.

Download, print out and have a go at our Austin 7 Memory game, which uses the images from this advert. You can make it more challenging by printing more cards - good luck!

Click here to download.





It would be great if you could share a photo of your Austin Seven with us. Either upload a picture below or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively post it to our Facebook page - don't forget to use the hashtag #ExploringBMM!











Test your knowledge and learn all about three adventurers and their cars which now live in the Museum.


Adventure Annie and Alex


Explore some of the ‘wild’ cars in our collection whilst on safari with Adventure Annie and Alex.



It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities. Either upload a picture below or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively post it to our Facebook page.


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