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July 2021


July 2021




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FREE online activities. If you can, please make a donation.

This month is all about nature in our collection. Learn all about the cars in our collection that have been on adventures in jungles or travelled across exciting terrains.

Gear yourself up with arts and crafts creating essential adventure supplies, test your knowledge about the collection and get a glimpse of our wild cars with Adventure Annie and Alex.

You can find all of our activities in the tabs below. It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities.

Either upload a picture via the ‘share’ tab or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively, post it to our Facebook page - don’t forget to use the hashtag #ExploringBMM. 

Why not visit us this summer to explore our car collection with Adventure Annie or Alex and discover nature’s hidden influences! Click here to find out more.


Create a Map


In our Museum we have lots of vehicles that have been on interesting adventures - from rugged Land Rovers that have journeyed through jungles to an Austin A90 that was driven by the daring Richard Pape from Cape Hot to Cape Cold. One thing their drivers had in common is that all good explorers and adventurers should have a good map to follow. Create your own map by following the instructions below.


You will need:

  • A piece of paper

  • A glass of water

  • A black tea bag

  • A pencil or a pen

1. Soak your tea bag in a glass of water. Squeeze some of the water out of your tea bag and then gently rub it over your piece of paper to stain it like an old map. The longer you soak it the darker your map will be.




2. Leave your stained paper till it is completely dry. TIP: If you would like to make your map look even older you could even rip the edges.




3. Grab your pencil and plot your route on the map. Make sure you include obstacles you might encounter like a river or mountains!




4. Once you have completed your map, go over it in pen to make sure it stands out.




TIP: You could even add colour to make it more eye-catching.




Compass Experiment


To get around in the natural world you don’t just need a map, you will need a compass. Grab some baking paper, scissors, a needle and a bowl of water so you can make your own. Ask your adults permission to use a needle.



1. Magnetize your needle by rubbing the needle 50 times down the magnetic strip on a fridge door.


2. Cut out a circle of baking paper.




3. Thread your needle through the baking paper.




4. Carefully place your threaded needle in the water.




4. The needle will spin and stop when it is pointing north!


5. Check that it has worked using a compass. You can download a free compass app on most mobile devices!











Test your knowledge and learn all about three adventurers and their cars which now live in the Museum.


Adventure Annie and Alex


Explore some of the ‘wild’ cars in our collection whilst on safari with Adventure Annie and Alex.



It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities. Either upload a picture below or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively post it to our Facebook page.


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