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September 2021


September 2021




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FREE online activities. If you can, please make a donation.

This month is all about design. Delve into our archive and take a look at some original car designs and colourful promotional material. Dougie and Dotty will be on hand with our collection to inspire your own car designs. 

You can find all of our activities in the tabs below. It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities.


Either upload a picture via the 'share' tab or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively, post it to our Facebook page - don’t forget to use the hashtag #ExploringBMM. 


Design your own car


Check out this amazing original sketch of the Mini by Sir Alec Issigonis from our archive.



Why not try designing your own car? You could design your car by drawing what comes to mind on a napkin, like Sir Alec Issigonis, or you could use a mathematical approach, like Malcom Sayer who designed the Jaguar E-type. Just make sure you include labels of all the cool gadgets you might include. If you are stuck for inspiration, take a look at Dougie and Dotty - on the DESIGN VIDEO tab above - and see their design process!




Create your own poster


Now you have designed your own car you need to advertise it! Can you put this old advert back together? Print it out and see! Click on the image below to download.


Poster Activity



Click here to see the completed poster. Did you get it right?




Colouring in


The motor industry in Britain was full of colour and interesting designs. Car magazines are a perfect example of this! Try colouring in the cover of an Austin Magazine from May 1931. The Austin Magazine was launched in the 1920s and was a lifestyle magazine for Austin owners. Click on the image below to download the sheet.


Copy of 00-AustinMagazineMay1931-Colouring


Dougie and Dotty Design Video


Dotty and Dougie, are inspired by the British Motor Museum's fabulous collection. What will their final designs look like? Their final designs could inspire you!





It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities. Either upload a picture below or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively post it to our Facebook page.


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