“The Car. The Future. Me” exhibition goes on tour!

CFM on Tour 650x323

An exciting topical exhibition from the British Motor Museum “The Car. The Future. Me” is to be showcased by the Dundee Museum of Transport at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP-26 to be held in Glasgow later this year.

The exhibition, which explores the future of the car, was successfully hosted at the British Motor Museum in 2019/2020. Dundee Museum of Transport approached the Museum looking for upcycled and recycled materials for their new exhibition about sustainable transport which is to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference.

This exhibition, which also includes plans for creating Europe's first carbon neutral transport museum by retrofitting a Grade B listed tram depot in Maryfield, Dundee, will run at the Dundee Museum of Transport from June until November 2021. With some of the exhibition materials and panels from the British Motor Museum forming part of a display at COP-26, the largest international conference in UK history.

Catherine Griffin, Curator at the British Motor Museum said “We are delighted that our thought provoking exhibition is going on tour to Scotland and hope it sparks debate amongst their visitors as it did when we hosted the exhibition!”

Alexander Goodger, Museum Manager at Dundee Museum of Transport said “We are pleased that the British Motor Museum shares our environmental goals, and through our partnership, we are able to host a low-carbon exhibition on the topic of sustainable transport for the public to enjoy nearly 400 miles away from where it was created. We hope this is the start of greater collaboration between our organisations in Scotland and England”.

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