Trainee Blog: January

My name is Bryony, the Museum Learning and Engagement Trainee and this blog is going to give you an insight to what myself and the Learning team are up to and what I learn along the way. Hopefully inspiring future generations of Museum professionals. This blog will be monthly updates of what I’ve been up to!

January was non-stop. With lots of exciting projects and tasks to be working on after a well deserved Christmas break there was no time to slow down.

It was great to catch up with our history talk volunteers this month to see how they are doing and to continue to develop the amazing talks they have been working so hard on. I also tried my hand at leading a meeting which I think went pretty well but I will let the volunteers come to a verdict on that! We are really excited to deliver our first virtual history talk in February and hopefully deliver some virtual and in person talks at some point this year. 

Another big project this month was planning all our programmes, all our activities and even all our social media posts for the year. It was odd doing this over a video call but it was a necessary evil to be able to bounce ideas off each other. Safe to say I wasn’t calling anyone on the weekend, I’d had enough! On top of this, we are starting to review our learning strategy. A new experience for me and it is great to link the forward thinking of the Museum to the areas I have been studying in my Masters degree.

Most excitingly, I got to work on the online activities. This has been a project of mine for a while now and I can’t wait to share all the great themes we have coming up that link to the collection in new and exciting ways. I love being able to work on a variety of skills and with multiple departments who have lots of knowledge and skills which I can learn from. Don’t forget to check out our Future Fuels activities while it’s still February - click here.

After getting fed up with video calls it was a relief to get in the Museum and do some essential filming to ensure we could continue our schools programme over lockdown. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting announcement coming soon. It was a great day of filming as it was a breath of fresh air to be somewhere other than home and the supermarket. My colleagues are great to watch and see how they change delivery depending on their audience and also scrub up on my filming skills some more. It is definitely the most exciting aspect of the job! However, that was not the only task we had to do in the Museum as you can see from the photo. You will have to wait until next month to find out what I was up to in the photo below!

Bryony completing a task in the museum