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Health in the Museum


Heart Health in Business

We are pleased to announce that Heart Health for Business have donated a defibrillator to the British Motor Museum, available for use outside the main Museum entrance.

Heart Health in Business was set up in November 2022 by Sophie Owen (pictured above), a graduate currently employed by JLR. It was created to make businesses aware they have a responsibility to educate and look after their staff along with preventing sudden cardiac deaths from happening.

Sophie was just 17 when she discovered a neighbour trying to resuscitate her dad, Chris, who had collapsed outside the family home, in 2019, aged just 54. Since that sad day, Sophie has become passionate about raising awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), defibrillators and CPR, as she doesn’t want anyone else to experience the pain she did just because the right equipment or expertise was not nearby.
As part of this donation we have committed to inviting all BMM staff and volunteers to undertake a short 15 minute online CPR training film, to make the site even safer for staff and visitors. If you’d like to do the training yourself, click here. You never know when it might be the best decision you ever made.

Coeliac UK

We are pleased to announce that the kitchen team has secured the Coeliac UK accreditation at the highest level once again enabling us to continue being an accredited venue.

These unannounced visits are very intense and the Chefs have to demonstrate all practices including preparation and cooking, storage of foods, food safety and hygiene, training for allergens, communication and supply chain control amongst others.  

At the end of the assessment the Chef is asked to prepare a gluten free meal for the assessor to take away from site and test.  On this occasion, Steve Bell hosted the assessor and clearly did a fantastic job! 

Well done to the whole team for their hard work and a brilliant result.