Help support the world's largest collection of historic British cars by giving regularly through Payroll Giving to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. 

Supporting the Trust through Payroll Giving (sometimes known as Give As You Earn) is an easy and tax-efficient way of making regular donations straight through your payroll. This means your donation goes further, allows us to plan ahead and will help us deliver our plans now and in the future. 

Donating from your gross pay means there is no income tax liability on your donation, and you will pay less tax. Donations made this way also mean we don’t need to claim Gift Aid related to your donation.

Donation received by British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

Cost to Standard rate Taxpayer (20%)

Cost to Higher rate Taxpayer (40%)

Cost to Highest rate Taxpayer (45%)





















(The table above is for those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. NB - Scottish rates of tax are slightly different.)


What to do next and how to sign up 

Ask your payroll department or Benefits/CSR Team directly for how to get started. They will likely ask you to complete a form about the donations you wish to make. You can easily make changes to your donations in the future.  

If you choose to support us in this way, here are the details required to sign up to Payroll Giving with your employer:

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust,  (CV35 0BJ) Registered Charity number: 286575 


Our work here at the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust is to collect, preserve and protect the history of the motor industry in Britain and share it long into the future. Very much a people’s industry, we capture the work of pioneering inventors, designers, engineers, production and administration workers in factories up and down the country – celebrating not just the cars the industry has produced, but also the incredible people who designed and built them.   Jeff Coope - Managing Director 


Payroll Giving for employers

Payroll Giving is a scheme which allows employees to donate to charity from their pay, tax-free. It is a fantastic addition to your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) scheme and has a direct impact to the charities your employees choose to support. Employees can opt to donate to any UK charity or good cause from their salary.  

Here at the British Motor Museum, regular donations allow us to plan for the future, enabling us to continue to Collect, Conserve, Share and Inspire the largest collection of historic British cars.  There are lots of benefits to offering a Payroll Giving scheme for your employees and every employer in the UK can start a scheme regardless of your size. More than £2 billion has been donated through Payroll Giving by over 1 million employees. 

If you have any questions, would like to discuss Payroll Giving or other ways to support us, please feel free to get in touch. or call 01926 895 224.