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Range Rover

L322, Royal Ceremonial, State I, 2003

Image copyright © BMIHT
Range Rover
Premier Automotive Group
Location Made
Accession Number
BMIHT Vehicle Collection
Permanent collection
V8 cyl, 4398 cc, 282 bhp
Top Speed
not quoted
Body Style
Royal Review
Price When New
not quoted
metal, glass, rubber, textiles
(l), (w), (h)
Collections Centre

This is the fifth State I Royal Review vehicle provided by Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations and replaced the previous State I Range Rover from 1996 (also in the Museum’s collection). The State I that is currently in service to the royal family replaced this vehicle.

Painted in the Royal colour claret, like all State vehicles, this state vehicle additionally boasts hand painted crests on the doors and tailgate. It features the royal crown topped by a golden crowned lion, which is part of the royal Coat of Arms, and is surrounded by a garter bearing the motto “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (meaning shame on him who thinks evil). This symbolises the Order of the Garter, an ancient order of knighthood.

The specially adapted rear platform for the royal party to look out from has the same black leather upholstery that is inside the driver’s cabin. The tailgate folds down to reveal a set of stairs so the royal party can easily access the platform. This vehicle was famously used to transport the then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry during Queen  Elizabeth II’s ninetieth birthday parade in 2016.