Hands-On Holiday Clubs - Summer 2024 - July and August

Summer 2024 HAF

This Summer, what better way to spend the time away from school than with a new set of Hands-On Holidays Clubs, running during July and August?  

From 10am to 3pm on each day, you can discover a huge range of fun activities, from making movies to building bridges! There's loads of fun for everyone! We'll even be providing a mid-morning snack, drinks and a hot lunch, so there's no need to bring a packed lunch! (dietary requirements are catered for). Read on below to discover a list of individual activity days as well as two four-day-long Hands On Holiday Clubs.

For ages 7 – 14.

Breakfast Drop-Off - 8am to 10am

We will be offering an early drop-off slot from 8am to 10am. Supervision will be provided on each day from 8am until the main activities begin at 10am. A healthy, nutritious, breakfast will be provided between 8am and 9.30am. We'll even have some classroom-based activities, such as colouring to entertain our visitors while they’re having their breakfast. Breakfast drop-off must be pre-booked in advance with our team.

Main Activities

All our activities run from 10am-3pm. A mid-morning snack, drinks and a hot lunch will be provided. Dietary requirements will be catered for.

Each day will consist of several activities, including STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) topics, crafts and physical activity. Read on to see and overview of these activities. 

Pickup is from 3 to 3:30pm.

Late Pickup

Late pickup is possible across all days until no later than 4:30pm. Late pickup must be pre-booked with our team in advance.

Cars and Animation Hands On Holiday Club - 22-25 July

How do Hollywood make animated films? 

Come and learn all about animation and how it all works through a range of different techniques. Every day there will be hands-on activities exploring animation types and the process of making a short film! The four day week will end with a mini film festival, as you get the chance to show off the films you produced over the course of the week. We'll make sure to bring popcorn!

Maximum places: 16
Ages: 11-16

Bees and Bugs Day - 30 July

Discover the hardest working insects in nature as you learn all about bees and how honey is manufactured! You'll even get the chance to make some wondrous momentos from beeswax to take home!

Afterwards, we will go out to feed the fish and look for wildlife around the pond. Then, we will walk across to our real life bug hotel to see which bugs have checked in.

Finally, you will be able to hone your DIY skills as you construct your own bug hotel to take home for your garden. You will have to decide how to decorate it: camouflaged or flowered!   

Maximum places: 18
Ages: 7-14

Pattern Printing Day - 31 July

Patterns are all around us, wherever we may be. Many of the patterns we see are repeated, whether it is the tread in a car tyre or the design in fabrics on car seats, designers love to repeat the pattern they create.

Put your creative skills to the test using the collection as inspiration, you will have the opportunity to use stamps to create your own greetings cards, wall prints or some wrapping paper and, best of all, you can take your creations home!

Maximum places: 16
Ages: 7-14

Car Designer Day - 1 August

Work with professional illustrator Jessica Hartshorn to work through the process of designing your dream car. Learn how to create exciting compositions, illustrate your car in action speeding along a track, explore colour and texture with paints and pastels on this one day club.

Create your own printing blocks inspired by car parts and print a range of patterns to add to your design.

Maximum places: 18
Ages: 7-14

Eco Car Designer Day - 2 August

Once again working with Jessica Hartshorn, you will work through the process of designing your own ECO car. Use a range of recycled and eco friendly materials to create your design, such as newspapers, recycled papers, tea bags and foil.

Finally, prepare your pitch to the eco panel and create a poster campaign to sell your car.  Learn how to create attention grabbing illustrations and powerful backgrounds to  highlight the importance of eco friendly cars.

Maximum places: 18
Ages: 7-14

Fun with Bricks Hands On Holiday Club - 5-8 August

Four days full of fun packed LEGO® activities - Let your creativity build with our LEGO hands-on Club. There will be team and individual tasks all making motoring inspired creations, finishing the week off with a fun exhibition event!

Design Day - Monday 5 August
Explore the museum on a guided tour of our Design and Concept area and sketch ideas for your own creations. Then, use these ideas to build a Lego vehicle of your own design. In the afternoon, add some power – using balloons, jet propel cars to see who can go the farthest and fastest!

Race Day - Tuesday 6 August
Learn about Formula 1 cars on our museum tour and how their design is so important not only for going fast, but to keep the driver safe. Then, use what you have learnt to build a mid-engine Lego Technic vehicle with a pull back motor. Can you make a creation that goes fast and keeps the driver safe in an accident? Finally, use elastic bands to propel newly built cars as far as possible. Who will go the farthest?

Bus Day - Wednesday 7 August
All aboooard! Come look around (and inside) our 1923 London bus, Bessie, and learn about what has changed in the past 101 years. Use Bessie as an inspiration to build our own buses – how many Lego minifigures will be able to take a ride on yours? Will you keep them dry and comfortable? Finish the day by designing a 2D Lego mosaic, inspired by the car badges and designs seen around the museum.

Bridge Day – Thursday 8 August
Become structural engineers and design and build bridges made entirely out of Lego. How will you keep it together? How will you make it strong enough to support a weight? Then, test the bridges by adding weights – which bridge will last the longest?
*Activities are subject to change.

Maximum places: 18
Ages: 7-16 ages

All children aged 7-14 are welcome, and we can welcome sibling groups, even if one child is over 14 years old. Priority will be given to children who can attend all four days of each Hands On Holiday Club. The club needs to fill a minimum of 5 places per day to go ahead. If we do not have enough places filled, we will inform you by 12 July.


Paid Places

If your child would like to take up a new creative challenge this summer, then the Hands On Holiday Clubs are perfect! Four days of fun-filled activities, with the chance to see your child's hard work on display at the end, whether animation or bricks!

The four-day clubs cost £220, which includes breakfast drop-off, all lunches, all materials and activities across all four days.

Paid places for the single activity days cost £50.

Interested? Please email us at community@britishmotormuseum.co.uk to register your interest.

For all enquiries please email us at the same address or give us a call on 01926 895238, Mon - Fri 9am to 4pm.

HAF Funded Places

All HAF places are now SOLD OUT. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact us via community@britishmotormuseum.co.uk or on 01926 895238.


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