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Hybrid & Virtual Events

Technological solutions bringing people together

Perfect for business meetings or training events.

Virtual and hybrid events offer event organisers new opportunities to engage with remote and live audiences, extend traditional event reach and utilise innovative engagement tools that provide added value for delegates and speakers.

Whilst nothing can replace the physical face-to-face interaction gained from being in a room with others, these types of events allow your delegates to 'attend' an event from the comfort of their own electronic device and join your industry conversations in real time - wherever they may be in the world.

Which type of event is right for me?

A virtual event:

A virtual event allows all your delegates to attend the conference remotely, you may choose to have your speakers and presenters together physically and use our virtual event studio to present from. This will help to ensure the event has a professional look and a secure internet connection.

A hybrid event:

This allows your delegates to decide whether they would prefer to attend the event in person or dial in remotely and makes your event accessible to all. We have a selection of meeting rooms suitable for a physical event with facilities to relay the event to multiple rooms and a remote audience.

Offering the best service:

We are here to support you in delivering a seamless virtual or hybrid video conference for your delegates. We will work with you to create a tailored event package that caters to your event needs, ensuring that 'human interaction' remains at the core of your event, whilst delegate safety and event efficiency is maximised.

  • 25 meeting rooms enabling flexible opportunities for; a dedicated studio space, a green room, rehearsal and slide presentation working rooms, relay rooms and separate catering areas

  • 1GB of free Wi-Fi

  • 100Mb hard wired connection to seamlessly support your event

We have partnered with local AV & Event specialists, Showman Events to be enable us to deliver a comprehensive video conferencing solution to our clients for both virtual and hybrid events. Showman Events have extensive knowledge and will be on hand throughout the event to help.

However, we understand that some event organisers have their own preferred suppliers and you are welcome to bring in an alternative AV supplier.

Our partnership with Showman Events can offer:

  • A fully functioning studio with socially distanced facilities including:
    • Backdrop with 10ft wide central screen area suitable for branding and / or presentation slides
    • Lectern to accommodate your logo / sponsor logos or the option for more conversational styled interviews with sofas or stools
    • Camera facilities for live streaming and / or recording facilities
    • Enhanced sound and lighting options suitable for your format
    • Facilities and support to run your slides and video
  • Streaming options including:
    • Facilities to bring in presenters from their own homes or workplaces
    • Branded registration page and email reminders
    • Live Q&A and chat for interactive sessions
    • Registration and participation reporting
Prices for virtual and hybrid events are quoted on a bespoke basis. 

For more information and to discuss your requirements speak to our Bookings Team on 01926 649649 or email bookings@britishmotormuseum.co.uk 

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Lecture Suite

Ideal suite of rooms for attending delegates, product placement and video relay rooms.

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Syndicate Rooms

Flexible rooms for presenting or using as a green room or rehearsal room.

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