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Try our stay at home science activities to keep the family entertained during lockdown!






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FREE science experiments to do at home. If you can, please make a small donation.

We know how much our loyal visitors love Professor Pickle and Dr Pumpkin's legendary science shows. So the two of them have come up with some special science experiments for you to do at home!



Want to know how to make planets from milk? How about using grape juice as an indicator? Or make your own ice cream?! The Doctor and Professor have got you covered. Just make sure to ask a grown up to help and always seek permission before using the household items required for these experiments.



Find all of our experiments in the tabs below. It would be great if you could share a photo of you conducting your stay at home science! Either email us and we'll share some of our favourites on social media or post it to our Facebook page - don’t forget to use the hashtag #stayathomescience. 

Good luck scientists!

Milk Planets


Join Dr Pumpkin on a cosmic journey through space and help make some Milk Planets!


You will need;

  • A clean jam jar lid
  • A clean cotton bud
  • A small amount of milk (please ask a grown up before taking the milk!)
  • A small amount of dish soap in a little bowl
  • A few drops of food colouring (preferably 2 or more colours)
  • An old towel or newspaper to cover the table




Ice Cream Dream


Professor Pickle has gone and eaten all the ice cream. Oh no! But never mind - you can make your own ice cream with Dr Pumpkin using science!


You will need:

- Gloves or a towel
- Flavourings e.g. chocolate powder, vanilla essence, banana (optional)
- 3 zippable freezer bags (2 small, 1, large)
- 1/4 cup of full fat milk or cream
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 4 cups of crushed ice
- 4 tablespoons salt
- Measuring spoons



Grape Juice Indicator


Get ready for the Science of Colour with Dr Pumpkin's Grape Juice Indicators experiment!

Please remember not to drink your results like Professor Pickle! He regretted it afterwards - it didn't taste very nice.


You will need:

- One or two bottles or glasses
- One carton of purple grape juice
- Small amount of lemon juice or white vinegar (about the juice of 1 lemon)
- Two teaspoons baking soda
- Spoons
- Cloth or towel to cover up the table



Balloonatics Science


Are you a balloonatic like Professor Pickle and Doctor Pumpkin? Try these brilliant balloon experiments.



Want more balloonatic science experiments? Then click here to download some further experiments to try at home - make sure you get a grown up to help! 

Flower Power


Ready for some more Science of Colour with Dr Pumpkin's Flower Power experiment? See how you can change the colour of flowers using science!


You will need:

- A flower (preferably white) with the stem cut diagonally. The stem can be long or short
- Scissors
- A vase or bottle for your flower
- Some water to put into the vase or bottle
- About a tablespoon of food colouring (you may need more depending on the flower)



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