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June 2021


June 2021




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FREE online activities. If you can, please make a donation.

This month we have some exciting Jaguar E-type themed activities for you to enjoy together at home to celebrate the E-type’s 60th birthday year. We hope that you’ll join in the celebrations! 

You can find all of our activities in the tabs below and it would be great if you could share a photo of your completed masterpieces.

Either upload a picture via the ‘Share’ tab or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively, post it to our Facebook page - don’t forget to use the hashtag #ExploringBMM. 


Colouring in


Become a Jaguar designer and colour, paint and craft a new Jaguar E-type! Either click on the image below to download the colouring sheet or use it as a guide and draw your own!

Make sure you use lots of bright colours and different materials and don’t forget to share your masterpieces on the SHARE tab!


Jaguar E Type Colouring Sheet


Race Cars


Jaguar E-types have had lots of success on the racetrack. Did you know they have a top speed of 150mph? You don’t need an E-type to have your own racing car. Why not try creating your own by having a go at our cardboard racer craft activity?

You will need:
  • 4 bottle tops
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A cardboard tube
  • Decorations
  • Pens (Optional)


Race Car - Picture2



1. Make a small hole in the middle of your cardboard tube and then cut a ‘U’ shape to make an opening for the driver.


Race Car - Picture3

2. Fold the ‘U’ up to make the windscreen.


Race Car - Picture4

3. Stick the 4 bottle tops onto your tube where you would like the wheels to go.


Race Car - Picture1

4. Now it is time to decorate your racer! You may want to use card circles as hubcaps on your wheels, a steering wheel in front of your windscreen or as circles for your racing number.

Make sure to show us the finished results on the SHARE tab.




Test your knowledge on the “most beautiful car in the world” with our quiz!



Barry Wheeler


Fancy owning an E-type? Barry Wheeler will sell you a deal of a lifetime. Why not try creating your own sales pitch or even make a museum label for the Jaguar E-type? Make sure you share the results on the SHARE tab.




It would be great if you could share a photo of your completed activities. Either upload a picture below or email us and we'll share it for you. Alternatively post it to our Facebook page.


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