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FREE activities to do at home. If you can, please make a small donation.

As we move into the summer, we have worked hard to put together some more exciting activities for you to enjoy together at home.

Listen to Professor Pickle and Doctor Pumpkin who have all the details of how you can get involved with our forces themed activities.


Grab your lab coat and get experimenting with our super science activities and our air blast craft. What about giving the brain cells a work out and find out if you can solve our forces themed jigsaw and crossword? And how about making a special car-themed father's day card?

Find all of the activities in the tabs below – don’t forget to share your creations with us on social media using the hashtag #BMMJuneActivities 


Air Blast Craft


Get creative and learn about forces and numbers with this cool craft activity.



You will need:
  • An empty dish soap bottle
  • Empty toilet or kitchen rolls / boxes
  • Coloured pens
  • Plain paper or card / circular stickers
  • Bottle tops (around 10 is enough)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Toy cars
  • Decorations e.g. wrapping paper / stickers / glitter (optional)

Ask an adult for permission before you use any items and cover your table so you don’t make a mess.

Make sure you get an adult to help you when using scissors.


How to Make:

1. Gather your items together.


2. If you have circular stickers, write numbers onto them in coloured pen and stick them to the bottle tops. If you do not have any stickers, draw around the bottle tops onto paper or card and write numbers into the circles. Cut these out and stick onto the bottle tops using tape or glue. These are your tokens.


3. Add dots to your toilet rolls or boxes using coloured pens. These are now your ‘garages’. The numbers of dots should match the numbers on the bottle tops.


4. If you want to decorate your garages, you can now cover them with wrapping paper or stickers etc.


5. Measure the height and width of your toy cars against your garages and mark off where to cut with a pencil.


6. Use the scissors to cut garage doors into the bottoms of your garages. Make sure they still stand up!

How to Play:

1. Line your garages up on a flat surface.


2. Select a token. What number is it? Which garage has the matching number of spots on it?


3. Squeeze the empty dish soap bottle and use the blast of air to move the token! Try and get it into the right garage!


4. Try it with a toy car this time.


5. Do you notice anything about the angle you need to point the bottle at? Do you need more or less air to blast the toy cars than the tokens?


Air Blast Craft Finished Product




Test your scientific knowledge with our crossword! If you get stuck work together with your family.




Click here to download the crossword.





Have a go at one of our Jigsaws! The images comes from our amazing Archive.

Click on the links below to to take you to the jigsaw.


Click here to try a jigsaw of a Land Rover towing a double decker bus!

Difficulty: 2/10




Click here to try a jigsaw of a wind tunnel test with the Rover BRM!

Difficulty 4/10



Sportsdayat LUCAS

Click here to try a jigsaw of a Sports Day held at the Lucas Plant!

Difficulty 6/10

Forces Science


Feel with the force with Professor Pickle’s home science activities looking at air resistance, friction and more!


Want more forces science experiments? Then click here to download some further experiments to try at home - make sure you get a grown up to help! 

Father's Day Card


Would you like to make a special card for father's day? We know your car-mad Dads will love these special designs, finished in your own creative way!

Simply print off a design at home on A4 paper, fold in half so the big car is on the front of your card and the logo is on the back.

With adult supervision, you can cut around the sides of your car - remember not to cut the top. Now colour in your car in whatever way you like!

You may want to write a message such as 'Happy Father's Day' on the front or inside the card.

Choose from the designs below;


Mini Fathers Day Card

Click here to download a Mini card.


Land Rover Fathers Day Card

Click here to download a Land Rover card.

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