Certain museum-led sessions are available as outreach sessions, where we bring a range of interactive curriculum-linked workshops into your school. 

Cost: £300 (2 Sessions) & £500 (4 Sessions)

Discovering Forces KS2

Come and explore energy and motion in this ‘hands on’ science investigation.

This session is aimed at helping children understand some of the forces at work in cars; such as pushes and pulls, gravity and friction. Using Lego Technic kits to make model cars, students will conduct a scientific investigation into potential energy, recording data for analysis and discussion.

Discovering Gears KS2

Come and explore the effect of gears on vehicles in this ‘hands on’ investigation.

In teams the children will construct and test a Lego vehicle, conducting a scientific investigation into the effect of different gear ratios on the speed of a vehicle. They will discover the combination of gears that makes the vehicle go fastest, and learn how gears are used to transfer force in vehicles to regulate speed and maintain control.

Journeys Through Time KS1 & KS2

Take your class on a journey of discovery as we investigate the first cars ever made and the people that drove them.

Children will take part in exciting costumed role play and explore the differences between public and private transport. Your class will also get the opportunity to handle objects from our museum collection and discuss what they are used for and how they relate to the cars we drive today. Children will learn how the development of the motor car has changed the way we live our lives in the past century and the impact it has made on our social history.

Materials & Movement EYFS & KS1

Discover the materials that are used to make cars and what makes a good car design.

Pupils will learn about different materials and movement through object handling and role play. They will then use what they have learnt to build their own cars using Lego bricks to test on our race track.

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