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Curriculum Weeks

Coding Week

Spend a day with your class focusing on a single curriculum topic. Specialist days or weeks designed to explore in more depth particular themes that you are learning.

Cost: £12.50 per pupil (unless otherwise stated)
Each session is 4 hours.

Technology and Engineering Week KS1, KS2 & KS3

5 - 9 February 2018

Make the most of your Technology and Engineering skills by joining us for a day of car building fun at the British Motor Museum. Take part in our fantastic engineering workshop and learn the basics of building vehicles with our hands on activities.

Pupils will build and test a remote control car from kit form, learn about career opportunities in the industry, and finish off with an exciting race around our Formula One race track!

Pupils will also design and make their own working Morris Truck. Led by our experienced Education team, pupils will build their truck using our specially designed TechCard™ kits and safe tools in a supervised environment. By the end of the workshop they will have explored the effects of pressure and have a working model to take back to school!

Finally, working as part of a team, pupils will get the opportunity to build a motorised LEGO® car and race it down our track. In this workshop the pupils will learn about weight distribution, how different gear combinations affect speed, and about which car designs are the most effective!

You will also have the opportunity to explore our extensive collection of British motor vehicles during an exciting day of active learning at the British Motor Museum.

Science Week KS1 & KS2

12 - 16 March 2018

Enjoy a fun-packed day to inspire your pupils’ love of science. Pupils will take part in a whole day of workshops covering forces, materials and states of matter.

Join us for a day of Scientific discovery where your pupils will be able to get hands on making magnetic slime, exploring the effects of pressure, friction and air resistance and experience magnetic levitation! This workshop promotes teamwork as well as individual tasks, is great for pupils of all abilities and is extremely visual so will be great for kinaesthetic and visual learners.

Pupils will also take part in one of our STEM sessions where we use LEGO® WeDo to help understand forces through Robotics.

These workshops are specially tailored to the national curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

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