Margaret's Car Story

"...I was posted to Bletchley in 1946... In the ATS (Auxiliary Territorial Service) I mostly spent my time in a 1500 weight truck because they were small and quick. We could go to London, they were very generous, the theatres would leave returned tickets available free for the servicemen and women and if you had a late pass you could go to the Rainbow Club, for the Yanks and believe me Glenn Miller was a good mover.

I still havent torn up my secrets act. I already was a typist and a comptometer operator, I didnt know code though, I was a sergeant, I value my war years whatever they taught me: made me open up to life. In the 1970s you could tear up your secrets act but I didnt. We received certificates for Freedom of Bletchley Park.

The only cars we saw in our village was the funeral car for our mother, it was a working class area, no cars in the area, so I played on a street. The only wheels I saw were strapped on roller skates. I was always a passenger..."