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An intriguing contribution from Ruth Tuckwell, Oxford.

The past few weeks we’ve been busy meeting new people and collecting their fascinating objects to feature in the next stage of our People’s 50 exhibition.

An intriguing contribution has come from Ruth Tuckwell from Oxford. We met Ruth in August when we spent a couple of days in Templars Square Shopping Centre in Cowley displaying the last Montego off the line signed by all who worked on it. Ruth approached us as an ex employee in the early 1960s of B J Henry’s in Oxford.  She used to deliver new cars from British Leyland to garages in Bristol and one day was asked to pose with some cars for promotional photo shoots. Afterwards she was presented with a selection of the photographs and  placed them in an album which is special to her as it reminds her of very happy times. She particularly loves the images of herself with the Minis!